Mayumi Miyawaki, Blue Box House, 1971

RACHEL WHITEREAD FOLDED, 2004 Plaster 4 x 11 1/2 x 15 1/4 inches  (10.3 x 29 x 39 cm)

C O N V E R S A T I O N S (at Supermaker)
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski Assembly Building, Chandigarh… Amie Siegel, Provenance (still), 2013, HD video, 40 min 30 sec. Amie Siegel, Provenance, 2013, HD video, 40 min 30 sec.installation view, Simon Preston, New York, 8 September - 6 October, 2013 Henrik Purienne wandrlust:


Fred Madison’s House, Lost Highway (1997)

This is actually one of three properties David Lynch owns on this particular street (right off of Mulholland Dr.). The above house is used as a “sound/recording studio” while the adjacent property is the headquarters for Lynch’s Asymmetrical Productions. The third and last home, the Lloyd Wright designed Beverly Johnson House, is where Lynch resides:

Form: And, as far as I know, your house was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright. 
David Lynch: Correct. Llyod Wright designed the house that I live in, the Beverly Johnson House, in the Sixties. Llyod Wright`s son, Eric Wright, supervised the building work for his father: 25 years later, Eric designed a pool and a poolhouse on the property in the spirit of his father’s work. 
Form: And you believe that your house has an influence on your work? 
David Lynch: Wright is a great architect. the house has quite a feel of pure Japanese archtitecture, but also of American modernity, abit of both. The whole space is just pleasing, gives me a good feeling. So it efects my whole life to live inside of it. And then, sometimes Is see things, shapes or something that would go inside of it and that leads to furniture or film.
Form: You’ve said that your ideas often occur in the form of daydreams. Is the Beverly Johnson House the house of your dreams? 
David Lynch: It’s a beautiful place. Architecture is something to always think about. Design influences my life. I need pleasing spaces. Often my mind drifts in that direction, but I’m not an architect. Although I really appreciate the great architects, and the difference a great design can make to a person. 
Form: Who are the architects you admire most? 
David Lynch: From Bauhaus, all the students of the Bauhaus school, and Pierre Chareau, he did the House of Glass in Paris, Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, all the Wright family, Rudolf Michael Schindler and Richard Neutra. I like really beautifully designed, minimal things. 
Form: Did you ever dream of furniture? 
David Lynch: I day-dream of furniture, yes.